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Crown Düsseldorf – all but ordinary

The advertising system was also be given a special profile. We invested a lot in engineering right from the start, because frame lights in this letter size are anything but standard. In addition, there are strict fire protection regulations, and the fact that the advertising system could not “simply” be attached to the façade, but a substructure had to be created behind the façade.

The intensive preparatory work was worthwhile. This already became clear during the presentation of the sample letter, which our colleagues courageously demonstrated, using ropes to hold it against the façade. The light radiated sideways in all directions, and the letter size was very impressive.

On the day of the assembly, it became exciting again, because the heavily frequented Berliner Allee could only be shut off for a short time. However, our well-rehearsed assembly team and the precise production of the advertising system were the best prerequisites for assembling the advertising system within the tight time window, so it can from now on welcome the guests to an opulent shopping experience.