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A much sophisticated project:
the new Netto pylon

A variable number of advertising elements, plus the possibility of integrating an LED screen – those were the two main requirements Netto had as they approached us, asking us to design a new kind of pylon in early 2016.

Such projects arouse our ambition, leading to the creation of a revolutionary concept. The basic idea is that instead of two lighted boxes, we only install two covers per advertising surface, which we hook in between the two stands. The illumination is achieved by modern LED floodlight technology, which is integrated into the lateral steel construction with its especially developed aluminum extrusion. Optionally, an LED screen can be built in.

Due to the elaborate engineering, the system comes in such a modular and standardized architecture that it can also be used for retrofitting or replacing advertisement panels – at any time and most easily. In the end, everyone was enthusiastic – first and foremost, of course, our customer. The pylon simply looks great. And instead of the former three pylon sizes, there’s only one now: equipped with the number of advertising elements required for the location.

Our installation teams, too, are happy. They are looking forward to numerous installation and retrofitting activities: thanks to our all-in-one engineering, installation is easy.