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A perfect coat of arms for an exclusive pylon

Our first assignment following Porsche’s logo relaunch was something very special. When Porsche’s headquarters approached us with the idea of a 25-meter high solar pylon, we immediately got enthusiastic. We planned and implemented Porsche’s interesting coat of arms: 3.25 meters wide and 4.3 meters high.

It was especially a challenge to develop a static foundation that matches the convexity of the pylon, which is cased with solar panels on both sides. After all LEDs had been installed, we fitted the bent acrylic glass bars exactly into the steel construction, creating an ideal, shadow-free support for the stretched banners.

Due to the tight timeline, the oversized coat of arms – made in Freystadt – was carried overnight on a flatbed truck to Berlin. Thanks to a mounting technology arranged beforehand, the heavy components could be lifted by a crane the next morning, to be hooked in and fixed at the solar pylon in record time. A webcam broadcast our team’s exciting montage activities around the globe – followed closely and passionately by us as well.

Still that same evening, Porsche thanked us for the great job including our smooth operation and professional commitment.